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Martina is a technical writer by day and a creative writer by night. She holds an M.A. in English from West Virginia University and a Ph.D. in Emotional Whiplash from the Joss Whedon School of Fiction. She grew up reading comic books and watching stand-up, and now writes genre-bending sci-fi and fantasy stories. She likes her humor like she likes her font colors: #000000.*

Martina lives in Pennsylvania with her boyfriend and two cats.

*Her hobbies include writing alienating hex code jokes.

Author Q&A

Did you come up with these questions yourself?

Wow. I'm shocked that you think I would do that, self.

Who are your biggest influences?

In terms of comedy, Maria Bamford. In terms of writing, Douglas Adams and Joss Whedon (yes, I know he's a douche).

So you're going to kill everyone's favorite characters?


What's your writing process?

I can't work unless I'm under pressure, so my process is to hire a cover designer, editor, or other professional and then panic, not wanting to disappoint them by missing a deadline.

Why do you have an omniscient narrator? Don't you know that's passé?

Because I'm writing comedy, and omniscience is a great way to play characters' expectations against each other for a laugh. Maybe you're passé.

Do I have to read [Book] to understand [Other Book]?

Not if I did my job right. If you read my books in publishing order, there's some character development and running jokes you'll appreciate, but you should find any one book comprehensible on its own.

You're not married to any one genre in particular, are you?

Not even a little. For my next trick I'd like to make a coloring book or a shitty choose-your-own-adventure story. I've also got in mind high fantasy parody I'm calling Dragons & Woe.

I have a question!

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