The Bedazzlers Series

A parody of superhero team-ups, the Bedazzlers series is absurd, deranged, and very much written for adults.

The Bedazzlers (Book 1)

The Bedazzlers

Superheroes aren’t born. They’re created for PR.

Godwin Zane (aka. Monochrome) thinks he’s a hero. The press disagree.

When an enormous rift in time and space opened over Manhattan, Zane used his magma powers to melt the machine generating it and save millions of lives. Unfortunately, he’s an asshole. The rift opening over Zane Tower was all the proof Americans needed to blame him for the incident.

In order to clear his name and prove himself a hero once and for all, Zane forms a superhero team called the Bedazzlers.

The other Bedazzlers are all being either bribed or blackmailed, and they hate him.

But they’ll have to overcome that if they’re going to save a world facing extreme traffic, sea monsters, and a shortage of Hamilton tickets…

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The Bedazzlers… in Space! (Coming Soon)

A Spaced-Out Adventure!

The Bedazzlers are in hot water. When their founder Monochrome posts an outrageous and offensive tweet, the team once again find themselves desperate to improve their public image. They take a page from billionaires and do the only thing they can: launch a rocket into space.

It works, but the Bedazzlers soon discover there’s more to space than asteroids and defunct satellites. Other worlds. Friendly aliens. Hostile aliens. Horny aliens.

Worst of all, there are galactic cops, and a galactic justice system hell-bent on punishing Earth for the crimes of its inhabitants. The Bedazzlers may be the worst possible choice to represent the planet in court, but they’re the only hope we have…