Welcome to Earth-B, a universe very similar to our own. The biggest difference: monsters are real and it’s kind of annoying.

The books set within bring fast-paced science fiction and fantasy with an emphasis on humor. They’re often absurd, sometimes bleak, and full of dark and adult humor (see: Content Warnings). The books all take place in the same universe, and characters come and go between series.

Each book should be readable as a standalone story. If any one plot summary strikes your fancy, go ahead and give that book a try. That said, the characters grow (and the author gets better at writing), so reading everything in chronological order will result in the biggest payoff.

Brooks & Smith Series

These books follow two paranormal detectives, Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith, and their makeshift family of time-displaced orphans. Emphasis on mystery, absurd family dynamics, and making the best of living in a shitty universe.

Time Binge (Book 1)

Time Binge Book Cover

Detectives Brooks and Smith hated time travel before they ever laid eyes on a time machine.

Now someone’s gone and invented one, and anyone who uses it seemingly becomes immortal. The detectives must team up with a frightened Puritan and a moon-dwelling hipster to stop increasingly bizarre time travel exploits from tearing a hole in reality, before it’s too late…or too soon.

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Time Purge (Book 2)

Time Purge Book Cover

Detectives Brooks and Smith have a problem. Following an ill-advised time travel adventure, Smith is immortal…and he’s not happy about it. He lashes out by whistleblowing the existence of vampires on daytime television.

The public fallout is immense. Now Brooks, Smith, and their family and friends are being targeted by protestors, monsters, and an aesthetics-obsessed billionaire ready to make the men an offer that will change their lives (and afterlives) forever.

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    A Genie Ruins Everything (Book 3)

    A Genie Ruins Everything Book Cover

    With paranormal activity at an all-time high, Brooks and Smith strike out on their own, forming their own detective agency. They’re not the only ones. The market is saturated, and they struggle to find even one client.

    That changes following a chance encounter with a genie that doesn’t grant wishes so much as do whatever it wants. The detectives’ reality is completely upended–for better and worse–and their attempts to make it right are complicated by a genie-thieving venture capitalist, self-sabotage, and a newer, stupider detective in town.

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    Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape (Book 4)

    Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape Book Cover

    When a funeral calls, detectives Brooks and Smith take a road trip to Indiana. But things go the way they tend to go for the pair, and they soon find themselves in a parallel universe that’s even worse than their original destination. One with a lot more leg warmers.

    Can the detectives survive warring cults, doppelgangers, and roving packs of hellhounds on a diet of nothing but Biscuit Bucket biscuits? They’ll need to if they’re going to find their way home.

    Full description and preorder coming soon. 

    The Bedazzlers Series

    A farcical take on the superhero genre, these books star a rotating cast of heroes brought together by a narcissistic billionaire. Full of PR stunts and accidental world-saving, light on drama.

    The Bedazzlers (Book 1)

    Godwin Zane is a hero, but you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage. When an enormous rift in time and space opened over Manhattan, he used his magma powers to melt the machine generating it, saving millions. Unfortunately, he’s an asshole, so the fact that the rift opened over Zane Tower was all the proof Americans needed to blame him for the incident.

    In order to clear his name and prove himself a hero once and for all, Zane forms a team of superheroes called The Bedazzlers. The six other members of the team are being bribed or blackmailed into service, and they all hate him. But they’ll have to overcome that if they’re going to save a world facing extreme traffic, sea monsters, and a shortage of Hamilton tickets.

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    The Bedazzlers…in Space! (Book 2)

    Full description and preorder coming soon. Remember those old X-Men stories where the team would, for reasons never fully explained, venture out into space? The Bedazzlers are going to do that.

    Standalone Books (One-Shots)

    This section is for books that absolutely won’t become series.

    Pop Tart & the Activation Energy

    Touring is hell. Literally. When Lemon Jones formed a mediocre alt-rock band, she expected it would be hard work. Writing music, penning lyrics, and pasting posters all over town… that was normal. Having to stop the apocalypse? That wasn’t. 

    On tour for the first time, Lemon and the other members of Pop Tart & the Activation Energy discover that under Cleveland, Ohio’s dirty facade lies an even dirtier secret. It’s a gateway to Hell, and the band are the only ones interested in keeping it shut. With everyone from the Mayor to the Division of Waste Collection rallying against them, Pop Tart & the Activation Energy strike a deal. If they can rise above their talent level and entertain Satan himself, he’ll spare humanity. If they can’t, Lemon and her band will have front row seats to the end of the world.

    Coming soon.

    Chronological Order (All Books)

    1. Time Binge
    2. Time Purge
    3. The Bedazzlers
    4. Pop Tart & the Activation Energy
    5. The Bedazzlers…in Space!
    6. A Genie Ruins Everything
    7. Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape