Time Binge

The Book That Started It All

Now Available in Audiobook!

Detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith hated time travel long before they ever laid eyes on a time machine. Now some jerk has gone and invented one, and the consequences go beyond breaking the timeline. This time machine renders anyone who dares to use it immortal.

Racing against several clocks, Brooks and Smith must team up with a terrified Puritan and a moon-dwelling hipster to stop increasingly bizarre time travel exploits from tearing a hole in reality, before it's too late...or too soon.

This is the first book in the Brooks & Smith series.

Time Purge

Who wants to live forever? No one, it turns out.

Detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith have a problem. Following an ill-advised time travel adventure, Smith is immortal...and he's not happy about it. He lashes out by whistleblowing the existence of vampires on daytime television.

The public fallout is immense. While vampires plot revenge, Brooks, Smith, and their family and friends are targeted by protesters, monster rights activists, and an aesthetics-obsessed billionaire ready to make the men an offer that will change their lives (and afterlives) forever.

This is Book #2 in the Brooks & Smith series.

Now Available in Audiobook!

A Genie Ruins Everything

Phenomenal Cosmic Power... Itty Bitty Moral Compass

With paranormal activity at an all-time high, Brooks and Smith decide to stop working for others and form their own detective agency. They're not the only ones. The market is saturated, and they struggle to find even a single client.

That changes following a chance encounter with a genie that doesn't grant wishes so much as do whatever the hell it wants. The detectives' reality is completely upended---for better and worse. Brooks and Smith have to set things right, but their attempts at doing so are complicated by a genie-thieving venture capitalist, self-sabotage, and a newer, stupider detective in town.

Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape

The road to Hell is paved through Indiana...

When a funeral calls, paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith pack their physical and emotional baggage and take a road trip to Smith’s hometown. Mistake #1. On a tip, they begin investigating a multidimensional business conglomerate. Mistake #2.

The detectives soon find themselves in a parallel universe that’s even worse than their original destination. One with a lot more leg warmers.

Can Brooks and Smith survive the 1980s a second time, in a world where giant rats, doppelgangers, and their own worst instincts rally against them? Can they do it on a diet of nothing but chain restaurant biscuits? They’ll need to if they’re going to find their way home.

The Bedazzlers

A Standalone Spinoff!

Godwin Zane (aka. Monochrome) thinks he's a hero. The press don't agree.

When an enormous rift in time and space opened over Manhattan, Zane used his magma powers to melt the machine generating it and save millions of lives. Unfortunately, he's an asshole, so the rift opening over Zane Tower was all the proof Americans needed to blame him.

In order to clear his name and prove himself a hero once and for all, Zane forms a superhero team called the Bedazzlers. The other members of the team are being bribed or blackmailed into service, and they hate him. But they'll have to overcome that if they're going to save a world facing extreme traffic, sea monsters, and a shortage of Hamilton tickets.

2024 Events

Sometimes I go places and sell books, stickers, pins, etc. This is a tentative schedule of events for 2024: May 3-5 – Fan Expo Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA Please check event websites for the latest information.

Prequels: So Hot Right Now

I wrote a prequel to the Brooks & Smith series, and I promise it's not because I'm creatively bankrupt. I did it because: I wanted to try my hand at writing short stories. Time travel is convoluted and maybe not the best way to start a series, so this could serve...

Things Are Happening!

Let's just get right to it... I have an audiobook! The very first book in the Brooks & Smith series (Time Binge) is now available on Audible. It'll soon be up on Spotify, Apple, and wherever else fine audiobooks are sold, but I couldn't wait to announce any longer...

2023 Events

Sometimes I go places and sell books, stickers, pins, etc. This is a tentative schedule of events for 2023: May 20 – Gaithersburg Book Festival – Gaithersburg, MD June 3-4 – 3 Rivers Comicon – Pittsburgh, PA June 16-18 – AwesomeCon – Washington, DC August 5-6 –...

Time Purge: A Five-Year Retrospective

As I did with Time Binge, I recently took the time to re-read my second book, which just turned five years old. Here's what I discovered: I love this book. When people ask me which book is my favorite, Time Purge is my answer. I find that it strikes just the right...

Time Binge: A Five-Year Retrospective

Somehow, it's been just over five years since I published my first book. In what might be evidence of narcissism, I went back and did a thorough re-read. Here's what I learned. I still like my jokes. The Prologue was totally unnecessary, and Chapter 1 was more like a...

The Great Recovering

Maybe you've noticed. Maybe you haven't. You probably haven't. I'm probably writing this post for no one... I've updated all of my book covers.  Why? For a few reasons: The Brooks & Smith series wasn't originally a series, and I needed to add clear numbering and...

New Stuff Available and Coming Soon

Now Available You can now order Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape in several formats. Click to Buy: Amazon Kindle | Paperback | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple Books Works in Progress I have several books in progress, because it's always a good idea to work on...

The Taste Barometer: Comedy Edition

I like listening to 372 Pages We'll Never Get Back, which is a wonderful podcast about terrible books hosted by Mike Nelson (MST3k) and Conor Lastowka (Rifftrax). One of the things they do is employ a taste barometer, either by disclosing their own likes and dislikes...

Martina Fetzer

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