Brooks & Smith Series

This series follows two detectives and their makeshift family on a series of increasingly absurd adventures. These books are often silly, sometimes dark, and never child friendly. Emphasis on mystery, absurd found family dynamics, and making the best of living in a shitty universe.

Time Binge (Book 1)

Time Binge Book Cover - Front and Back

Time Travel: What Could Go Wrong?

Paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith hated time travel before they ever laid eyes on a time machine.

Now, some jerk has gone and invented one, and the consequences go beyond breaking the timeline. This time machine renders anyone who dares to use it immortal.

Plenty of people would love to get their hands on technology like that.

Racing against several clocks, Brooks and Smith team up with a terrified Puritan and a moon-dwelling hipster to stop increasingly bizarre time travel exploits from tearing their lives and reality apart, before it’s too late…

…Or too soon.

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Time Purge (Book 2)

Time Purge Cover - Front and Back

Who wants to live forever? No one, it turns out.

Paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith have a problem.

Following an ill-advised time travel adventure, Smith is immortal…and he’s not happy about it. He lashes out against everyone and everything. When the detectives go on daytime television, Smith whistleblows the existence of vampires.

The public fallout is immense.

While vampires plot revenge, the detectives and their family are targeted by protestors, monster rights activists, and an aesthetics-obsessed billionaire ready to make the men an offer that will change their lives (and afterlives) forever.

Can they die happily ever after?

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Genie Ruins Everything (Book 3)

A Genie Ruins Everything Cover - Front and Back

Phenomenal Cosmic Power…Itty Bitty Moral Compass

With paranormal activity at an all-time high, Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith decide to stop working for others and form their own paranormal detective agency.

They’re not the only ones. The market is saturated, and they struggle to find even a single client.

That changes following a chance encounter with a genie that doesn’t grant wishes so much as do whatever the hell it wants. The detectives’ reality is completely upended—for better and worse.

Better for them. Worse for the world.

Brooks and Smith have to set things right, but their attempts at doing so are complicated by a genie-thieving venture capitalist, self-sabotage, and a newer, stupider detective in town.

Some wishes really can’t come true.

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Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape (Book 4)

The road to Hell is paved through Indiana.

When a funeral calls, paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith pack their physical and emotional baggage and take a road trip to Smith’s hometown. Mistake #1.

On a tip, they begin investigating a multidimensional business conglomerate. Mistake #2.

The detectives soon find themselves in a parallel universe that’s even worse than their original destination. One with a lot more leg warmers.

Can Brooks and Smith survive the 1980s a second time, in a world where giant rats, doppelgangers, and their own worst instincts rally against them? Can they do it on a diet of nothing but chain restaurant biscuits? They’ll need to if they’re going to find their way home.

That’s assuming they still have one.

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Oops! All Zombies (Coming Soon)

Having just returned from a parallel universe, paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith want nothing more than time for rest, relaxation, and readjustment. Alas, the world doesn’t revolve around them, so a zombie plague breaks out.

While the world’s billionaires are busy investing in space travel rather than a cure, the detectives begin tracing the disease to its roots.

What they discover is a complex web of supply-chain corruption involving unicorn trafficking and hyperintelligent AI. With the global zombie count mounting, it’s too much for the detectives to solve on their own, unless the cure already lives inside one of them…


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Brooks & Smith: Detective Tales, Volume 1

Book cover for Detective Tales, Volume 1

A Collection of 30 Pulse-raising Yarns!

Being a detective is hard.

Being a paranormal detective is harder.

Being a paranormal detective in a world where kombucha cultures gain sentience and werepigeons terrorize Manhattan? The hardest. But that’s the job Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith signed up for, no matter how difficult or how strange it gets.

It gets pretty damned strange in this short story collection. 

How will our heroes handle a haunted pond, communist elves, 3D-printed sexbots, and their own neuroses? You’ll have to read (or at the very least skim) to find out!

A prequel to the Brooks & Smith series, Detective Tales is a collection of short stories. Psst: You’ll get a taste for free if you sign up for the mailing list.

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