As I did with Time Binge, I recently took the time to re-read my second book, which just turned five years old. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. I love this book. When people ask me which book is my favorite, Time Purge is my answer. I find that it strikes just the right balance of humor and darkness, and it’s where I got to introduce Godwin Zane, the world’s biggest asshole. The worst people are the most fun to write.
  2. It’s more unrepentantly weird than Time Binge. I think the first book tried to be a bit more literary. Nobody wants that.
  3. I’ve noticed a thing where Patience is more like Brooks, and she likes Smith better. Meanwhile, Lemon is more like Smith, and she likes Brooks better. I assure you I do not plan well enough for that to have been intentional. Just thought it was neat.
  4. I found a list of fake metal bands on my hard drive. There were Butterfly Carcass and Kitten Orgy, which are canon, as well as names I didn’t use, including: Sea Turtle Massacre, Pony Corpse, Musk Brats, and Die Curious. Might resurrect one of those in a future volume. Who knows.

Just like I did with Time Binge, I’ve updated Time Purge for a 2022 re-release. The changes are fewer and less significant (like I said, I love this book):

  • Did some font stuff for consistency with the rest of the series.
  • Added a few dialogue tags for clarity.
  • Added two footnotes and a joke or two.
  • Beefed up the awful sex scene, for maximum cringe.

Once again, the plot is the same. There’s no reason to buy a new copy. If you have an ebook edition, your book should automatically update (if it doesn’t, delete it from your library and re-download it). You’ll know you have the newest version if it says “Revised Edition, 2022” in the front matter. If you have an old paperback and would like an updated PDF just for fun, use the contact form and I’ll send you one. I won’t ask for proof. Steal from me. I don’t care. Just leave a nice review afterward.