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Picture of a paperback book. Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape. The cover is bold magenta stripes with bright green lettering. On it, Brooks and Smith are with an old station wagon. Smith shields his eyes as he looks at falling meteors, while Brooks changes a tire. There's smoke rising from the ground.

You can now order Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape in several formats.

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Works in Progress

I have several books in progress, because it’s always a good idea to work on multiple things at once.

  • Detective Tales – a collection of short stories, for my three fans who’ve asked for early Brooks & Smith adventures. Featuring paranormal detective staples like vampires, ghosts, and non-antisemitic goblins, this tome is finished and will be sent out for editing soon.
  • Untitled Interactive Story – I can’t use a certain trademarked phrase, but you’ll be able to PICK your own adventure (aka, CHOOSE your path). It involves aliens, and yes you can have sex with them if you really want. The narrator will judge you and make fun of you. This book is almost drafted.
  • The Bedazzlers…in Space! – the not-awaited followup to 2017’s The Bedazzlers. It’s sitting at about 50% complete, and I won’t be inspired to work on it again until the next time Elon Musk makes an insane tweet. It could happen at any moment.
  • Oops! All Zombies – the next official Brooks & Smith novel, set immediately after Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape. Is it a satire of how the world has handled covid? Maybe! You’ll find out when it’s more than 20% complete.
  • Pop Tart & the Activation Energy – a parody of YA novels, about a band destined to save the world. I’ve been working on this forever, but I always seem to push it back to work on something else. Maybe you’ll see it someday, maybe not. If you’re dying to read it, leave a comment or something. I’m motivated by praise.

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