It’s heeeere!

Picture of a paperback book. Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape. The cover is bold magenta stripes with bright green lettering. On it, Brooks and Smith are with an old station wagon. Smith shields his eyes as he looks at falling meteors, while Brooks changes a tire. There's smoke rising from the ground.

I finally put the pandemic to good use, and finished one of my works in progress. Actually, I finished two books and a terrible screenplay, but we’ll touch on that another day.

Here’s the blurb:

The road to Hell is paved through Indiana.


When a funeral calls, paranormal detectives Arturo Brooks and Edward Smith pack their physical and emotional baggage and take a road trip to Smith’s hometown. Mistake #1.


On a tip, they begin investigating a multidimensional business conglomerate. Mistake #2.


The detectives soon find themselves in a parallel universe that’s even worse than their original destination. One with a lot more leg warmers.


Can Brooks and Smith survive the 1980s a second time, in a world where giant rats, doppelgangers, and their own worst instincts rally against them? Can they do it on a diet of nothing but chain restaurant biscuits? They’ll need to if they’re going to find their way home.


That’s assuming they still have one.

I’m a firm believer in Death of the Author, but if you asked me what this book is about, I’d say it’s an excuse to satirize the mild dystopia we all live in today (gun violence, surveillance state, late-stage capitalism, etc.). Thematically, it’s about influencers (not the Instagram kind). The positive and negative influences everyone has in their lives. Identifying them, cutting out the bad ones, technology’s role, etc.

But, like… I’m an idiot. So if you tell me it’s about biscuits, it’s about biscuits. Who cares.

You can now order Fun Times in a Dystopic Hellscape in several digital formats. If you’re a paperback reader like me, you’ll have to wait until January 11th. Sorry. Amazon owns my ass.

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